Local CSA


Sign up for a weekly supply of fresh vegetables grown right here on our farm in Ashby. Each week, you'll have 10 points to spend filling your share with what you want - choosing from the best and freshest of what's available on the farm. We have designed this program to connect you with your food and where it comes from. You support the farm up front and we provide you with local, organic veggies (+ more) throughout the summer & fall. 


Pick-Up Location: 14 Wright Rd. Ashby, MA

Dates: June - October

Pick-Up Time: Thursdays 4-6pm

*Please let us know if this doesn't work for you. We'll try to work something out. 


20 Week Share (every week) - $720

Perfect for families or people who love lots of veggies.


10 Week Share (you choose the weeks) - $375

Great for single people, couples or folks who travel a lot during the summer.


Here are a couple examples of what a share could look like:

-1lb of honey (3 points)

-1 Head Butter Lettuce (1 point)

-Bunch of Scallions (1 point)

-Fresh Ginger (2 points)

-2lbs Sweet Peppers (2 points)

-Bunch of Rainbow Chard (1 point)




-1 dozen eggs (2 points)

-Bunch of Kale (1 point)

-2lbs Tomatoes (2 points)

-Scallions (1 point)

-2 x Gem Lettuces (1 point)

-2 x Garlic Bulbs (1 point)

-3 Summer Squash (1 point)

-Bunch of Beets (1 point)


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