How We Grow

We believe that how we grow is just as important as what we grow. Above all else, we prioritize soil health. Our practices allow us to partner with microbes in creating an ideal environment for plants to grow healthy and strong, providing the most nutrient-dense food possible.

Nutrient Density - There is a vast discrepancies in the nutritional value of vegetables based on how they are produced. For example, a head of lettuce grown with ideal conditions can have up to 8x more nutritional value than the same type of lettuce grown in a less-than-optimal environment. Here at the farm, we work with our ecological environment to create ideal conditions for producing food of the highest nutrient density.

Here's how we're doing it...

Cover Crops - By keeping the soil covered at all times we are mitigating soil erosion (a huge problem facing conventional agriculture), increasing the carbon sequestration capacity of our soil, and holding nitrogen for future crop production.

No/Minimal Tillage - Soil disturbance via tillage reduces the water holding capacity of soil, destroys critical fungal networks, and releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By using a permanent bed system and tools like the broadfork, we are able to till very little if at all.

Compost - We produce high quality compost to inoculate our soils with exceptionally beneficial microbial life.

Mineralization - Providing plants with the right balance of biological conditions and proper minerals is critical to producing the most nutrient dense food. By incorporating these in our soils, we give our plants what they need to thrive, reducing pest and disease pressure.


We never use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizer.