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Pasture Raised/Organic* Chicken - Whole Bird

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Our free-range, organically-fed, pasture-raised birds are ready for you! We took great care to nurture these beautiful creatures from chicks to full-grown chickens, and we're very proud of the results. Processed at a state inspected facility in Sunderland, MA (Reed Farm), you'll be hard-pressed to find fresher poultry. 

Here at The Good Food Farm we don't sell anything that we don't try ourselves first, and what a delicious meal it was when we tasted the fruits of our labor! 

We hope to honor the lives of these birds by nourishing you and your loved ones. 

*Our chickens' diets consist of a USDA Certified Organic feed, grass, grubs, and lots of veggie scraps. 



Because we charge by the pound, we will send you a custom invoice for the exact cost of your chicken. To reserve a bird, just pay the $1.00 price here and we will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.