Apprenticeship 2022

(with option for artist residency)

Farm Description

Good Food Farm is a start-up market farm in Ashby, Massachusetts raising vegetables (0.75 acres), chickens for eggs (150), small fruit (0.5 acres), and flowers. We focus heavily on nutrient density and carbon sequestration methods on our 100 acres of land. We are no/minimal till and follow regenerative and organic practices. About 10 acres of the property is clear cut for farming/lodging; the remaining 90 acres consist of forestland, teaming with ponds, streams, and lots of biodiversity (mushrooms, bald eagles, frogs, deer, etc). 

We distribute our produce via CSA Farm Shares on a weekly basis. By inviting our members into a mutual aid model, we aim to give away forty percent of our 2022 shares to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.


About the Area

Ashby is a small town in north central Massachusetts (45 minutes north of Worcester).  We are just a stone’s throw from the New Hampshire border and just over an hour outside of Boston. 

Nearby towns include:

  • Peterborough, NH (very lively arts community with great restaurants, music, theater, bookstore, coffee shops) 
  • Fitchburg, MA (small city to our south)
  • Milford, NH (drive-in theater, great farmer’s market, restaurants, coffee shop)


Job Description:

We are seeking individuals who are motivated by an interest in both sustainable agriculture and intentional community living and are eager to be a part of building something special from the ground up. Farm Apprentices are self-motivated, hardworking, kind individuals who contribute to many daily farm operations, including production, harvest, and processing. Apprentices are expected to approach their responsibilities with an eagerness to learn and willingness to be a part of the team. In addition to farm tasks, apprentices have the option to participate in our artist residency.* 

Our ultimate hope is for the farm to be not just a job but a collective of individuals, each with their own unique skills and passions, committed to caring for each other, stewarding the land, and investing in the local community. 



Areas of responsibility for apprentices will include but are not limited to the following:


  • Planting and transplanting, including greenhouse propagation
  • Trellising, fencing, and irrigating
  • Cultivation/weed management by hand and hoe
  • Feeding, watering, and rotationally grazing chickens

Harvest/Post-Harvest Processing

  • Weekly harvest of our diverse selection of vegetables, microgreens, and flowers
  • Washing and packing produce for CSA Farm Shares and restaurant delivery
  • Egg collection, washing, and packing




  • Position is seasonal with flexible start and end dates from March through November
  • Hours range from 20-25 hours of farm work per week (approximately 8am - 1pm, 5 days/week)
  • Apprentices will have the afternoon/evening to explore, cook, participate in artist residency*, read, generate income via other employment, etc. 


  • Housing: each apprentice will be given a bedroom and access to all common spaces in the farm house. 
    • Amenities include: large kitchen, living room, dining room, washer & dryer, pool, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, wifi, and all utilities.
  • All the eggs and veggies you can eat from the farm
  • Breakfast and lunch 7 days/week
  • Other Perks:
    • Access to the larger property, trails, ponds, streams
    • Bi-weekly participation in Eastern Massachusetts CRAFT farm-tours (this is a great way to connect with other local farms and farmers). 
    • Group field walks with farm manager to learn from the field and crops themselves
    • Field trips with resident artist and farm owner, Patty Simon


Artist Residency: 

Being that the apprenticeship is a half-time position, apprentices have the option to use afternoon time to participate in our artist residency. This is a very open program wherein we provide studio space and limited supplies (artists are encouraged to bring their own). It is our hope that the natural beauty of our land would be an inspiration for artists of all kinds. As part of the residency, one piece of art, chosen jointly by the director and artist, is donated to the farm for its permanent collection.


    To apply, email resume and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you!